Keep your hands on the wheel!

The below video made the rounds on Twitter yesterday, so you may already have seen it. If not, it’s quite scary. Five attempts at the same piece of road, but the Tesla autopilot gets it wrong every time, illustrating not only a lack of reliability, but also a lack of self-learning…

Now before you tell me that Tesla recommends drivers only to use the autopilot on motorways, the problem is obviously that you CAN use it on other roads, and as long as you can, someone will – hopefully with better results than this.

There is however – unfortunately – more to the story. The below video was filmed by my co-blogger Magnus, this time on a motorway, a few months ago. The driver talks to Magnus about how long you can hold your hands off the wheel before the car reacts, and after that, what happens speaks for itself. So whatever Elon says, please keep your hands on the wheel!

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