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This blog is about cars and the thrill of driving. Since the car magazine EVO is second to none, I have chosen their slogan “The Thrill of Driving” as the title of this blog, as a tribute to the magazine.


Sven Dahlin
Born in -71, I grew up in Stockholm and Cadaqués and recently relocated to Barcelona, with my incredibly tolerant wife and two children, aged 5 and 8.

At the age of 2 my grandfather bought me my first car, powered by – pedals. This proved to be a fatal and very expensive mistake… It was the happiest day in my life and my grandfather commented that ”not even on his wedding day will Sven be happier than today”. Luckily that proved not to be true, but nevertheless the damage was done. Since then, cars have been an integral and important part of my life.

My main focus is contemporary sports cars. I am a longtime Porsche owner, had a fling with an Italian thoroughbred, but I will probably soon be back in the Porsche stable. Periodically I have also been heavily into driving on race tracks. The high point of my motoring life was driving a Ferrari around Fiorano, Ferrari’s private test track. It will be really hard to better that, but I have still neither driven an F1 car, nor have I tried out the Nürburgring Norsdshleife or my favorite track, Spa-Francorchamps; so there is still hope…

I started this blog in 2012, mainly as a form of self-therapy and in order to spare my friends and family my constant, and very tiresome, talk about cars.

In 2013, I was very fortunate as my childhood friend Christoffer joined me in the effort to provide you with petrolhead content.


Christoffer Dahlberg
Born in -71, I grew up in Stockholm except for a couple of years in Monaco in the late 70’s, an experience that left me with a smell of rubber from the Formula 1 week that I can still feel in my nose today. I’ve lived the last 18 years of my life outside of Zurich with my family, consisting of my wife and my two children, who somehow are now 21 and 18 years old.

Helped by the Monaco experience, the early passion I had for counting antennas on cars later evolved to bhp, engines, and pretty much anything with four wheels and an engine up front. With age my interest especially for all types of cars has grown, but after a decade spent on the oldtimer scene with my Triumph TR4 -65, I have now returned to more modern cars. I’m the main writer on the blog and cover everything from new cars to oldtimers, over other themes such as F1, EV’s, a bit of opinion here and there and perhaps most fun of all, now and then some car spotting!

Having been friends with Sven since we started school together in the first grade, I joined him on the blog back in 2013 and write under the alias Goldcoast.

6 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Christoffer Dahlberg

    Prydligt o snyggt jobbat! Ska bli ett nöje att följa och kanske bidra med lite intryck av första vårturen med min TR4:a, när vintern sedermera släpper sitt grepp!



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  3. John korter

    Hi guys,

    Great idea with the blog. i remember Christopher from his days in Luxembourg. Just read about the dream of driving Spa. For that I have an idea for you guys. Last year for the first time with 3 other Petrolhads we decided to participate in a race open for “normal drivers” in a series that is very affordable and excellent fun. We drove the 25h race of Spa Francorchamps in the Fun Ciup series. cars are Beetle-looking fiberglass bodies, tubular chssis and a 1.6 to 2.0 litre engines. We raced in an EVo1 with 130 Bhp for 25 hours with 4 drivers. It was great fun, really challenging (especially at night with no lights and 92 cars on the race tracs. Eau rouge, radillon and Blanchimont at 170km/h ist a thrill and la Source with 4 cars in one line an adrenaline-kick you won’t forget. we are back this year with the evo 3 engine and 200 Bhp. costs are affordable, more infos if you want, just let me know! More on http://www.vwfuncup.eu/

  4. Annette Morsh-Stassen

    Hi Christopher, just had a look at your blog, I will definitely share with Andy 🙂 Seems that you’re soulmates when it gets to passion for cars 🙂 Kindest regards, Annette

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