Top Gear Trailer!

Top Gear has just released the first trailer for the new Top Gear series, starring Chris Evans, Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz and Matt LeBlanc, among others.

Not sure about whether it will be as good as the old Top Gear with Clarkson, Hammond and May, but I guess we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. Being a fan of Chris Harris I am somewhat hopeful.

It will premier on the BBC in May.

evo Car of the Year 2014

This video is a summary of evo Magazine’s yearly Car of the Year contest. If you haven’t bought the magazine (which you should), check out this video.

The contenders in no particular order: VW Golf R, McLaren 650S, Ferrari 458 Speciale, BMW M3, Porsche Cayman GTS, Jaguar F-type R Coupe, BMW i8, Renaultsport Mégane 275 Trophy-R, Aston Martin Vanquish and Audi S1

And the winner is…

Porsche 991 GT3 driven by Chris Harris – the most important car of the year!

Chris Harris has driven an engineering sample of the new GT3. How does he get away with this?

Conclusions (spoiler warning):

  • The engine is superb, in spite of the new GT3 dropping the Mezger engine used in previous GT3s. It revs to 9,000 rpm!
  • The four wheel steering adds value; the car turns in much better than the 997 GT3 and has less understeer.
  • The electric power steering is much, much better than in the 991 Carrera. It is “actually superb”, according to Chris. Not once, did he wish the car had hydraulic power steering.
  • The PDK is the best so far, but Chris would like the GT3 to be “the last bastion of the manual gearbox”. This is actually his only gripe about the car.

Summarising: it is much, much better than the 997. If you can live with a paddle shift gearbox, the GT3 is an amazing achievement.

Porsche 991 GT3

VIDEO: Porsche 911 mot Boxster S

CAR and DRIVER har gjort ett jämförelsetest mellan Porsche Boxster S och Porsche 991 Carrera. David möter Goliat. De testar både bankörning och drag race.

Det är toppmodellen Boxster S med 315 hästar som får kämpa mot den enklaste versionen av storebror 911 Carrera (991) med 350 hästar. I gengäld har 911:an 60 kg mer att släpa på; 1455 vs 1395, vilket är mindre skillnad än jag hade trott.

För att göra det hela lite jämnare har de tagit en Boxster S med all sportutrustning (Sport Chrono, PASM, PTV, etc.) och matchat den mot en 911 som är helt standard. Båda bilarna är manuellt växlade.

Det hela är mycket intressant, inte minst kommentarerna kring hur bilarna upplevs!

Oväntat resultat? Det låter jag vara osagt…