The ugliest super-SUV competition is on!

Taste is a subjective matter and if you think it isn’t something that should be discussed in a blog, then feel free to stop reading now, as the below are my very honest thoughts on the increasingly hot competition “Ugliest Super-SUV”.

This week Aston Martin joined the other supercar/luxury brands Rolls Royce, Bentley and Lamborghini in launching its first ever SUV. And keeping in the tradition of the others, it’s not pretty. Upfront it’s a strange mix of a Cayenne and a recent Mondeo, from the side the Cayenne also comes to mind, as do current Mazda SUV’s, and from the back, the elevated lip is intended to remind us of the current Vantage (which by the way, I also find less than convincing), but actually looks more like someone gave it a good uppercut. This is all the more extraordinary given on one hand the fantastic designs Aston have spoiled us with ever since the DB9 (until the Vantage) and on the other, the fact that they developed this car from scratch, on a completely new platform, and thus had all the freedom in the world. And yet, this is all they managed to come up with.

The Aston Martin Mondeo

Having said that, Aston joins a club of designs that are far from convincing. I spent a long time studying the RR Cullinan really closely in Geneva in the spring, but that somehow only made it worse. The Audi, sorry, Bentley Bentayga is a rather common sight but the more I see it, the more I interpret the front as a huge pair of frog eyes, suprised at the fact that the car they’re on looks far worse than its cousin, the Q7. The Lamborghini Ursus is spectacular alright, but good-looking? Probably to those that are into stealth planes, but not really those into car design. So with such friends, maybe Aston comes out on top after all?

In 2022 Ferrari will complement the others with its first ever SUV. Expectations are rather low by now, but if they bring us a car that has the slightest resemblance to their current line-up, it won’t be difficult to claim the title of least ugly super-SUV.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments!

If this is how the Ferrari Purosangue comes out, there’s hope!