Marcus Ericsson first Swede in F1 in 23 years!

Not since Stefan “Lill-Lövis” Johansson left the F1 circus in 1991 has there been a Swede that has made it beyond the test driver status in F1 (that was by the way Björn Wirdheim who test drove for Jaguar a few years ago). That will change in 2014 when Swedish 23-year old Marcus Ericsson will take one seat in the Caterham team, the other one going to Kamui Kobayashi, ex-Sauber. Ericsson finished sixth last year in the GP2 series, but apparently still managed to show he has talent. Given Caterham finished last in the team ranking last year it will definitely not be an easy ride, not even within the team as Kobayashi obviously has much more experience, but at least he gets a chance and it bodes well for both the interest and coverage of F1 in Sweden!


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