Nico Rosberg takes his second straight win in Monaco

Nico Rosberg on Sunday celebrated a double in Monaco, winning the race just like last year having lead from the first of the 78 laps. Lewis Hamilton finished second just before Damien Ricciardo, and had this been any other circuit than Monaco, the ”second” Red Bull would probably have finished second, being massively quicker on the last laps. As for the other Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel had to retire early in the race being stuck in first gear around most of the circuit, something that actually produced an interesting engine sound in this otherwise quite muted season.

As usually Monaco didn’t disappoint and was together with Bahrain this year’s most exciting race so far. Whoever said you can’t overtake in Monaco didn’t know Adrian Sutil on Sauber, who managed to find quite new places to pass on but finally passed himself after half the race and had to retire. Ricciardo as mentioned did a brilliant race to finished third, but lots of credit also go to Rosberg, who under massive pressure from Lewis Hamilton managed to keep his cool during the 78 laps and reclaim the lead in the drivers’ championship.

Image                                                    Due to the extremely efficient work of the track marshalls in Monaco, Bernd Mayländer only had to take the wheel once in the safety car.

Mercedes have now not only won every race this season but actually been in the lead for each of the laps so far this season. The dominance does not seem to be close to being broken, although Red Bull are getting closer but still struggles with reliability, as was illustrated by Vettel’s car. 

Yesterday’s race was also historic in that for the first time, Marussia through Bianchi finished ninth and thus managed to score its first world championship points ever, something that will perhaps help the team to survive financially until next season. Caterham also had a good day with Marcus Ericsson finishing just outside the points in 11th place. Exactly 40 years ago, legendary Swede Ronnie Peterson won in Monaco and for the occasion Ericsson wore a helmet in Ronnie’s legendary blue-and-yellow design. Whether that did the trick remains to be confirmed if Marcus keeps that helmet over the coming races, the next being in Montreal in two weeks!

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