Volvo unveils new XC90!

Today is an important day for Sweden’s pride as the company unveils what is probably its most important car ever, the new XC90. It’s also the first car that completely cuts the ties with the Ford heritage.


As the pictures (source Teknikens Värld, show, the design is… well, let’s say especially the front will take some getting used to. The interior is beautiful though but if Tesla haven’t messed up on the patents, Volvo might have a legal battle on their hands in view of the control panel’s STRONG resemblance to the Tesla Model S, both in form and functionality…


The drivetrains will only consist of 4-cylinder engines which is obviously a big bet in view of the very important US and Chinese markets. The top version called T8 Twin Engine combines a 300 bhp petrol engine with an 80 bhp electrical one, driving the rear axle.

Production of a first series will start later this fall before mass production starts next year. So if you want to drive your kids around in Sweden’s premier school carrier, it’s time to get your orders in!

More info (in Swedish) and pictures of the car can be found on

2 thoughts on “Volvo unveils new XC90!

  1. Percy Perkins

    Wow! First time i have seen Chinese money HELPING a brand…. Glad Volvo did not go down the ‘Sports’ path, but designed a good looking car. I like the P1800 cues, but thought they could have had a split rear window as well like the PV444! 🙂

    1. Goldcoast

      Yep, it seems Volvo has settled in quite well with their Chinese owners, who it seems are wise enough not to interfere with the Scandinavian heritage but rather seeing it as a key selling point! But a split rear window would perhaps have been taking it a bit too far… 😉

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