Arosa Classic Car 2014

Attending the Tesla event in Arosa yesterday also gave me the occasion to catch a glimpse of the training day of the legendary Arosa Classic Car race, taking place every year at the beginning of September on the last 7.8 kms of the road from Chur to Arosa. The whole road is legendary by itself, as on a total distance of 31 kms and a height difference of 1280 meters, there a total of 360 (!) turns. On the last 7.8 kms used for the race, the cars climb around 420 meters with 76 turns. Challenging enough in good conditions, but as mentioned yesterday, the temperature this weekend up in Arosa is expected at around 5 degrees with rain…

The race is open for cars built betwen 1905 and 1986 or 1990 in the case of group C rally cars, of which there are plenty. it is a very fine selection of oldtimers and old rally cars (including the odd formula car) that take part, typically modified to race configuration, with special emphasis given to the engines judging by the sound. Below a few picks from yesterday and clicking here allows you to experience the race from onboad a MB 300 SL Gullwing, including drifts. A very fine automobile worth around EUR 1.5m in standard configuration…

IMG_6204 IMG_6203 IMG_6198 IMG_6194 IMG_6188 IMG_6205

2 thoughts on “Arosa Classic Car 2014

  1. pierre yves augsburger


    The Stratos is my favorite No1. Yesterday a car specialist asked me what would be the 3 cars I would have in my garage, I answered with no hesitation a Stratos, and then it took me 10 minutes to select the 2 remaining!!!!!


    1. Goldcoast


      Thanks for checking out the blog! Couldn’t agree more with you, for me it brings very fond memories from the Monte Carlo rally in the late 70’s – early 80’s when we used to live there and where the Stratos won four times if memory serves me right! As for the other two in the “dream three” stay tuned as we are about to start a new section on this blog that partly touches on that!

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