Good news for Marcus Ericsson as Mercedes wins another double in Austin

It was more of the same at the US GP in Austin yesterday, as Mercedes won their 8th double of the season and are now only one double away from equalizing the record set back in the days (1988 to be exact) by Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost for McLaren. As so often however it was Lewis Hamilton that had a bit more to give and now has a 24 point lead with three races left. Ricciardo finished third on Red Bull, again beating Vettel who came in 7th having started last, and spent most of the race complaining about the car to the pits. It definitely looks like he has mentally already left for Maranello!

Caterham and Marussia didn’t participate in the US (it seems the cash ran out), but last week still brought good news for Swedish Marcus Ericsson (currently on Caterham) who has secured a seat with Swiss Sauber for next season. Not that Sauber has made anyone happy this year either (it shares last place among the teams with Caterham…) but it’s one of F1’s oldest teams with lots of tradition, and the fact that they go for Ericsson and not a driver bringing lots of money also seems to indicate that financing for 2015 has been secured. Sauber is also known as an excellent team for young drivers to develop in (none more famous than Schumi of course), so fingers crossed for Marcus!

originalCheer up Marcus, things can only get better!

4 thoughts on “Good news for Marcus Ericsson as Mercedes wins another double in Austin

    1. No, from some F1 news sources. When I google it I find:

      I wonder who those Swedish backers are. According to a Swedish news source it is a secret group of businessmen:

      I am very curious about this. Someone should do some digging. 🙂

      1. Goldcoast

        Elvis, good digging. We’ll be happy to try to do some digging on our side! Remains to be confirmed though whether those secretive Swedish businessmen were prepared to foot the bill again, given the lack of success so far 😉

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