Lancia Rally Heaven

As a small addition to my recent Thrill of Owning post on the Lancia Delta Integrale where I briefly mentioned Lancia’s rally tradition, I feel I have to share this 16-minute video with you as it basically sums that up, featuring a very lucky Chris Harris (motor journalist and a hot contender for the title “the guy with the best job in the world”) on the passenger seat with Markku Alén, Juha Kankkunen and Paolo Andreucci behind the wheels. If you have the least bit of petrol in your blood, this risks compromising your work afternoon quite heavily…

Next to the driving and the sounds, these rally legends’ not-so-legendary English is also highly entertaining, as is Paolo Andreucci’s intensive tongue work whilst driving the Lancia 037, the brand’s last rear-wheel drive rally car that clinched the world title in 1983.

Enjoy – and Happy Easter!

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