Senna – the movie

If you haven’t done so yet (and I fully realize I may be close to the last petrol head in the world here), I can strongly recommend the movie “Senna” about the life and career of the greatest F1 driver of all times, from the early beginnings over his great successes and rivalry with Alain Prost until the bloody weekend at Imola in 1994 that cost him his life. You can access the movie on Youtube over the link below. A large part covers what I would call the golden age of F1, i.e. the last years of the truly mechanical era from 1988-1991.

To quote the great man: “if you see an opening and don’t go for it, your not a racing driver. If you’re happy with 2nd, 3rd or 4th place, you’re not a racing driver”. That’s how he saw it, and that’s how he drove – and it’s maybe something some of today’s driver should take note of.

Ayrton Senna will come back on this blog soon on another topic and in another section – so stay tuned!

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