Volvo P1800 Concept – build it please!

It was whilst looking for something else related to the legendary Volvo P1800 ES, the most beautiful Volvo ever built, that I stumbled upon these pictures of a modern P1800 Concept Car that Volvo apparently showed at the Geneva Motor Show last year, something at least I had completely missed. Unlike previous models like the 480 and C30 that were inspired by the original ES but still quite far away, this study is as anyone can see much close to the original, and it is gorgeous! For Pete’s sake Volvo, start producing it!




3 thoughts on “Volvo P1800 Concept – build it please!

  1. The concept is beautiful and striking. As I am sure you remember, Christoffer, my first car was, somewhat surprisingly, a Volvo 480 turbo…

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