A De Tomaso Pantera in November

It is not every weekday morning that you see a beautiful De Tomaso Pantera parked at the train station, and the fact that it is late November obviously made the experience all the more remarkable!


The Pantera was always an exotic car. Launched in 1971 and produced all the way through 1992 with an increasing number of spoilers added over the years, the cars were built in Italy but never had their own engines. The nicest examples with the still unspoiled original design from the mid-70’s such as this one had a Ford 5.8 litre V8 developing 265 hp, but both power trains and output varied over the years.

All in all, 7200 Panteras were produced until 2001, before de Tomaso ceased to exist as a brand in 2004. It is not a car you will find under our Thrill of Owning section since values have already taken off – roughly doubling over the last five years to more than EUR 100.000 for a good car today – but it will always remain a thrill in automobile history!

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