The Thrill of…. what?

This morning I got a mail from Tesla claiming they haven’t seen me for a while and that a lot has happened since my last visit, and to illustrate that they included this video under the heading “Going to work stress-free”:

Surely like many others, my initial reaction when watching it was “wow, this is really cool!”. But then, thinking about it again, is this really where we want to go? Sitting behind the wheel with tipping the indicator being the only action required? Where is the thrill in that? Sure, you can turn off the thing and take the wheel yourself, but I fear the day solutions like this become technically possible and reliable, big brother will see to it that your days of proper driving will quickly be over.

Better therefore to enjoy it while it lasts – and to do that, Tesla provides an excellent solution with the Ludicrous Mode of the P90D – now that’s a thrill!

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