The hard guys!

Many of us oldtimer drivers have a tendency only to take our jewels for a spin when the sun is shining and temperatures are mild, completely forgetting that it actually rained when the cars were built as well. This time of year our beloved cars are mostly sleeping in a garage somewhere, with batteries disconnected. It is only the hard guys that drive in any weather, but even among the hard ones, only the REALLY hard ones would even think about taking the 356 for a spin on a rainy December day with temperatures around 6 degrees. The only thing missing is the ski rack! Dear owner, I did not get to meet you but I salute you!

We use the occasion to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with plenty of great cars and great drives!


One thought on “The hard guys!

  1. Percy Perkins

    Well, as Jim Glickenhaus once famously said about Ferrari’s (Porsche in this case) – “Not putting miles on your “Porsche” is like not having sex with your girlfriend so she’ll be more desirable to her next boyfriend.”

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