Introducing our new contributing writer Magnus!

Please meet Magnus Nilssen, our new contributing writer, a real petrol head and a fellow Zurich resident. Going forward, Magnus will be contributing articles on various driving-related topics. Knowing he had until recently owned a 911 (996) 4S that he chose to sell for family reasons was a serious initial reason for suspicion, but when he sent me the below pic I concluded there’s still hope. Sven and I warmly welcome him on the blog! In his own words:

I spent my youth following my father around Europe living in Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Norway, the Soviet Union, Germany and the UK before settling in Switzerland in 2012. 

My father was passionate about racing.  Holidays (and birthdays) were spent watching races, visiting racing teams or looking at race tracks.  He even built his own race car with some friends in the 1990s.  This had not gone unaffected on a young boy and I carry on his interest!

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