Update on the infotainment confusion

You may have read my post early February on a certain confusion in the roll-out of new infotainment systems in Ingolstadt (Audi) and Stuttgart (MB) that you can otherwise find here.

Having recently spoken to Mercedes, they were able to shed at least a bit of light as to the roll-out of the Mercedes’ MBUX system;

  • The new A- and B-class, as well as the updated GLC and as previously mentioned the new GLE all have the new MBUX, enabling voice- and touch-control.
  • Neither the C- and E-class, nor the brand new G-class have it at this point (although the screens look the same).
  • For the E-class, the official timeline is that it will not get it until the spring of 2020 in connection with a first facelift.

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