World champion title will be decided this weekend in Abu Dhabi!

The final GP of the 2014 season takes place this Sunday in Abu Dhabi, and as many of you know the world champion title has not yet been decided. Lewis Hamilton holds a 17 point lead over his team “mate” Nico Rosberg (334 against 317) which would under normal circumstances be quite a safe margin. However for the first time the last race of the season will count double, meaning the winner goes home with 50 rather than the usual 25 ponits. This means that if Nico wins and Lewis finishes third or worse, Nico takes the title. Under any other scenario, Lewis does. Given the story this year has usually been Mercedes 1st and 2nd Lewis is certainly still the favourite, but it obviously ain’t over ’til it’s over.

The idea with double points has not gone down well with everyone, but it has at least ensured excitement up to the last race – which was probably the (only) point.

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