The Thrill of Driving launches the Thrill of Owning!

As a reader of this blog it’s probably safe to assume that much like Sven and me, you are something of a petrolhead. Should that indeed be the case, chances are also that you have discovered that this common hobby of ours is oh so fun, but can also be oh so costly after running costs and especially depreciation haven taken their toll. But does that have to be?

With the introduction of our new section The Thrill of Owning, we wish to present a selection of fun to drive cars that may cost money to run, but should be quite safe in terms of depreciation – or even showing some nice appreciation over the coming years.

Now anyone who has seen a car auction the last years in our world of zero interest and hype for real assets knows that certain automobiles have reached truly mind-boggling levels. These are not the type of cars this section will be dedicated to.  Fortunately however, there are lot of beautifully fun cars out there that can still be yours for reasonable money, quite often to be found in the young timer decades of the 80’s and 90’s. And even though we believe these will hold their value well over the coming years, there is absolutely no guarantee they will make you rich – other than in driving experience!

Our ambition is to present around one car per month, including some history, why we believe it fits this section, a couple of objects from the classifieds and in as many cases as possible, a recent test drive to support it. We hope these posts can lead to interesting discussions as well as stories of previous experiences, so stay tuned!


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