Introducing The Dream Garage

We are happy to introduce our new heading The Dream Garage, under which with the help of some specialists in our network, we will regularly be posting a selection of very special cars for sale. Very special in this sense means highly exclusive, highly sporty, highly interesting from their background, or in the best cases, a combination of these.

Cars typically have in common the owner’s wish for anonymity, and you will therefore usually not find them advertised anywhere else on the web. For the same reason, pictures will in some cases be general ones rather than of the specific car, if so wished by the owner. All cars posted under The Dream Garage heading are however for sale, with most of them based in the EU or Switzerland, and further information can be obtained by contacting me.

Whether you Dream Garage remains a dream or transforms into reality, we hope you enjoy the reading. Look out for the first cars that will be posted later this week!

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